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What sets SB apart from other accounting firms? 

  • Value for Money - getting the benefit you deserve from the money you pay

  • Technical Advice experience across multiple types of software, there is no one stop shop

  • Face to Face - Human interaction is a vital part of doing business

  • Not only Tax - restricting your focus, could restrict your opportunities

Collecting Money
Value for Money

The one question everyone wants to know... how much do you charge?


Every Client is individual and there is no 'one-size fits all'. 

Fixed fee makes sense in some business's, you know what you want within a given period and what the value it is to you. On the other hand, you may not have a business structure that suits a fixed fee agreement and with no crystal ball to understand what you will need from an Accountant within the year, it will be a more fluid agreement. 

We will discuss all finance options, finding the one that best suits you and your business. No nasty surprise bills, there will be full transparency on what you are paying for. 

Digital social media
Technical Advice

Xero? MYOB? Phoenix? Quickbooks? No matter the program that your using we can work with you. 

A lot of accountants run with the idea that whichever their base program is, will be the one they want all their clients on. Sure that makes life easier for us, however, flexibility is a key element within business, as your Accountant I will be working on the same basis of flexibility to get you the best out of your program. 

Remote and On-site assistance is provided at no extra charge for travel. 

Giving a Hand
Face to Face

The best way to know and help a business is to see the business. This is why I have chosen to run my business without a bricks and mortar office, with onsite meetings instead.  

Where onsite is not a possibility, the world of technology has created the ability to have virtual face to face meetings sitting directly in front of your computer.

You don't want to make meeting your accountant so formal? Let's just go for a coffee and a chat!

Healthy at any age
Not only Tax

Stretching out from the traditional accounting firm, not everything is about tax! Yes, tax does play a role in decision making, but just because it's tax deductible, does not mean it's a solid business decision. 

While doing your tax return is a service provided, I pride myself on being able to ask the outsider questions and get you into a better decision-making position to move your business forward. 

Want a new tractor? But no-one else in the family is on board? I'm sure we can find a solid business case that no one can argue with. 

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